Our story


Mader Mill was founded in 2019 with the belief that jobs are about more than paychecks, and companies are about more than making money for their owners. We see well-run, triple bottom line, private companies as forces for good in their communities and sources of fulfillment for their employees. 

We practice open-book management. We educate everyone in the company on our business, we empower them to make decisions, and we share the gains widely. Through transparency we build trust, and with trust we unleash the creativity and dedication of everyone at Mader Mill.

As co-founders, we bring complementary experience and skills to our venture. Scott’s spent 20+ years in the industry, buying timber, cutting trees, starting his own small mill, and managing a pallet mill. Carl’s business background includes 18 years running a software development firm, managing a venture capital fund, and advising and investing in startups.

We base our success on how we treat people, the brand-new mill equipment we’ve invested in, our strategy of doing things right, the quality product we supply, and the strong partnerships we form with our customers and suppliers.

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